Dog Walking in the Hills

45 min: $45
30 min: $35

Extra dog from same household add $10.00


iwalkyourdog (iWalk) is an experienced local Hills dog walking service that has helped many Hills District families for many years. Your dog’s well-being is of primary importance to us and that’s why we recommend individual walks.

Individual walks enables us to give your precious pet sufficient one-to-one attention for a more rewarding experience. It’s perfect for puppies that require socialisation and environmental conditioning or haven’t yet learnt how to walk on the lead or for the senior dog that prefers a slower sniffing pace. Sufficient regular exercise and play or even having someone to come and break up your dogs day can dramatically improve their behaviour at home and its rewarding both you and your dog.

Many dogs actually value human company higher than mingling with their own type. We love walking, running, rolling and playing fetch with them. It’s so rewarding to see your dogs having a great time and loving life while you’re at work.

When you return home your best mate will be excited to see you but he will also be happy and content. 

Using the iWalk service is just so easy and convenient; this is how it works…


Before your dog’s first walk with us we would like to meet you and get acquainted with your furry friend. At this introduction we can assess your dog’s temperament and discuss any concerns or questions that you have. After which we can tailor the walk to your pet’s specific needs. This first consultation is free of charge.


On the day of the walk, we will come and collect your dog and take him for a fun and safe outing. The location of our walks may vary from time to time, to give your dog variety with new and interesting sniffing experiences. We will keep you updated with a text or email with a happy snap from our walk.


On our return, we will ensure there is plenty of fresh water and they are content.



Is your dog’s behaviour driving you barking mad?

Do you find yourself shouting and screaming at your dog, but your dog just isn’t hearing you?

Does your dog jump up on your visitors, pee in the house, get overly excited, runs away, doesn’t come when called, resource guarding, has no impulse control and so on?

Does your dog pull on lead? Are you embarrassed (or even scared) to take your dog out walking? Have you stopped walking your dog because its not enjoyable anymore?

I hear this all too often and it saddens me greatly that relatively common and easy to fix behavioural issues, when left untreated, can cause owners to stop interacting with their once loved family pets or resort to harsh punishment techniques. I can teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog, and this ability will greatly improve the quality of your relationship.

Don’t let your dog’s behaviour become a nuisance, get it treated. It is important that behavioural issues are addressed as soon as possible. I will guide you through the most effective ways to overcome your dog’s problem behaviours. I can help you to understand why your dog is misbehaving and then teach you how to train your dog so he starts to listen to you. You have to be committed to make it work. It takes time, effort and patience.

(I no longer work with dogs who are dog or human aggressive)

Book an appointment so we can start to improve your dogs behaviour. (Cost for 1hr training session is $150.00. A $50 cancellation fee will be applied if less than 24hrs notice is given)


Contact me to discuss and plan your dog’s walking and training needs